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To ensure that we address the best solution for your company’s situation, our team will assess and address your tax issues from a global perspective. If not considered this way, it could result in a seemingly ‘profitable’ project turning out to be a losing proposition. Our team has over 30 years of experience in this area, so we are able to offer and maintain a quality of service that you would expect.


·     Immediate experienced talent


·         Assistance with minimizing your US taxes, including foreign tax credits, resulting in a lower effective tax rate


·         Assuring compliance with the reporting requirements in various tax jurisdictions, including US federal and states.  Through foreign contacts, compliance with foreign countries tax filings


·         Services provided at a lower cost than many other US domestic tax and international tax advisors


·         Houston based firm & member of International Practice Group


·         We have traveled to over 30 countries, including most of the countries economically important to Houston companies


·         Extensive experience with the US tax and tax provision requirements under US GAAP (ASC 740 FAS 109) and IFRS

Our income tax preparation services ensure that our clients pay no more tax than the IRS requires. Over the past 30 years, we have prepared individual and corporate income tax returns, from the most basic to the more complicated multinational corporate returns. Every year, we invest in a tax return software program with a very strong diagnostic feature that alerts us to potential errors or problems with your return. This provides our clients with an extra measure of insurance against IRS computers finding a technical or math error that could result in additional taxes, interest and penalties.

We also subscribe to an on-line tax research resource that helps to assure that we have access to the latest IRS code and regulations.

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